CFE Design Guidelines

Approved by the Board of Directors on December 1, 2014

CFE Design Guidelines

Architectural Review Process

Re: Architectural Review Process for all home improvement projects

As reviewed at the Annual Meeting in January, we have been working on establishment of an Architectural Review Process, managed by a Design Review Committee, to clarify and amplify our CC&Rs as they relate to any construction and remodel projects. It's time to let you know of substantial progress along a steep learning curve and where it is taking us.

Design Review Committee (DRC)

  • Rick Light, CFHA Board, Treasurer - 529-0412

  • Patsy Sable, CFHA Board, Past President - 918-5449

  • Judy Nevin, CFHA Board, VP & Deed Restrictions - 299-3611

  • Bill Mandlebaum, Homeowner, Retired contractor - 529-9449

Jerry Young, Architectural Visions, Tucson

Mr. Young was recommended to us by our attorney, Tanis Duncan, from his work with other Tucson HOAs and has been invaluable in guiding us toward what is correct for CFHA. Mr. Young's services are provided at a rate of $150/hour.

Our research into review processes in place for other HOAs across The Foothills has been extremely informative as we have begun to get a framework around three primary elements of the process to be recommended:

  1. Definition of project type and scope to be submitted for review.
    Our intent is to align the review process with potential for impact on our community represented by each type of project - lower impact, fewer steps. We are presently considering:

    • New Construction or Major Remodel

    • Remodel / Addition

    • Minor Remodel

    • Major Landscaping/terrain modification

    • Multiple stage review involving members of the DRC and AA.

  2. Stages outlined here will vary in their detail and application to each type of project. Accordingly, as an example, a minor remodel may not require involvement of the AA and the expense involved. On the other hand, new construction or major remodel will call for more DRC and AA involvement for assurance of compliance with CFHA CC&Rs, in which case AA time could well be 6 - 8 hours or more. The key to minimizing AA involvement lies in good, complete and consistent plans. We are presently considering the following for a New Construction or Major Remodel project:

    • Submittal of preliminary plans and project description for DRC and AA preview and approval.

    • Owner review of preliminary plans with surrounding properties sincerely suggested.

    • Submittal of final plans (detailed construction plans) for AA preview and DRC approval prior to initiating construction.

    • Mid-construction review by DRC for conformance with final plan submittal.

    • Post-construction review by DRC and AA prior to occupancy.

    • Projects of more modest scope will have fewer review stages.

  3. Design Guidelines which amplify the CC & Rs with definition and detail not provided by that document.
    Absence of this amplification has resulted in a range of interpretation and/or disregard which has lead to lack of conformance and violations over the years. We intend to preserve the unique and flexible character of CFE while protecting the interests of all homeowners as we seek to enhance the desirability of living here. With the CC & Rs as our template, we will address numerous issues under major headings of:

    • Site Planning

    • Building Guidelines

This is a sensitive and complex task in its undertaking. Not doing so would leave attractiveness and integrity of our community at risk at a time when we anticipate significant change. As we work further through these issues we will increase our information flow in the hope of creating understanding and gaining your support. In this, we are keen to receive feedback and encourage your participation by emailing us your comments to the Design Review Committee via our Board & Contacts page.

In the meantime, a reminder that our CC&Rs apply to ALL lots within Coronado Foothills Estates and require approval of ALL improvements prior to beginning any construction. (See Para.11 of CC&Rs available on our website.) If you are considering a project, or know of someone who is, please contact any member of the Design Review Committee for further details.