Buffelgrass and it's cousin Fountain Grass are non-native, invasive plants that threaten not only our desert native vegetation and wildlife, but also the homes we live in. These grasses are an extreme fire hazard. They also soak up our valuable water, stealing the needed nourishment for our native plants and cacti to thrive. Without desert vegetation we also lose our wildlife.

Who are the Foothills Weedwackers?

The Foothills Weedwackers are a dedicated group working in our neighborhood and surrounding areas to lower the risk of fire to our homes and to preserve our beautiful desert landscape. Team members mostly reside in our neighborhood, but they also often have the company and hard work of others who live nearby. They range in ages from the 30's through the 70's; some still enjoying a career, some retired. You may see both male and female members using their digging bars or picks along a roadway or in rocky terrain in the heat of the summer removing the buffelgrass and fountain grass – for you.

The team usually works the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month for a couple of hours. The Weedwackers strongly urge that you remove these menacing plants on your own property as a responsible neighbor. Those “pretty” bottlebrush-shaped stalks contain seeds that will germinate in your yard and your neighbor's. Stop the spread by digging up the plant(s) and put it in a trash bag. Contact the Buffelgrass Coordinator or another Weedwacker if you need help identifying the invasive grass.

What have the Foothills Weedwackers done so far?

The Foothills Weedwackers became a team in mid-2008. From that initial work day in 2008 to the end of 2016, the Weedwackers have filled 4,990 bags of Buffelgrass and Fountain Grass and invested 2,046 volunteer hours in and around Coronado Foothills Estates. They have helped neighbors unable to remove the invasive grasses themselves, alerted homeowners of grasses on their property, and have worked in the washes including Finger Rock Wash. A major accomplishment was the eradication of these threatening grasses on both the north and south sides of Skyline from Swan to the intersection of Skyline/Sunrise.

What you can do

  • Eradicate Buffelgrass and Fountain Grass from your own property.

  • Spread the word about the dangers of Buffelgrass and Fountain Grass.

  • Join the fight!

How can I join the Foothills Weedwackers?

To join the fight, contact the Buffelgrass Coordinator using the form below.

The "Weedwacker Events" are posted on the CFHA home page as the dates are scheduled!

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