The Road Safety Committee works to improve the safety and quality of all roads within the neighborhood. The committee acts as a liaison between Pima County and the Coronado Foothills Homeowners Association.

Potholes are an ongoing concern. Pima County is more likely to repair potholes if they are reported by multiple people. Please use this page to report a problem.


  • Barry Weiss - Committee Chair


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The special road meeting was held on April 3rd. Click here to download the Powerpoint presentation that was shown at the meeting.

Update on Roads - March 2019

From Barry Weiss, chair of the Road Safety Committee.

Those of you who were present at the annual homeowners’ association (HOA) meeting in January know that part of the meeting was devoted to a presentation about the road situation in our neighborhood. Pima County Deputy Administrator Carmine DeBonis was present and explained the challenges related to securing funds to repave county roads. He made it clear that currently, the likelihood of having our neighborhood roads paved by the county in the next 10 years is close to zero.

In response to numerous requests from neighborhood property owners we are planning to hold a special meeting for ALL neighborhood property owners to discuss potential solutions to the problem – ranging from doing nothing to establishing neighborhood-funded road improvement district.

The meeting will likely be held in early April (not in March as was initially planned). We are working on setting up a date and place for the meeting. Please be on the lookout for a formal announcement to confirm the meeting, and please PLAN TO ATTEND.

Between now and that meeting, members of the HOA board of directors will be in communication with county officials to discuss various options so they can be presented to homeowners at the special meeting.

Finally, in the meantime, if you encounter potholes or other road hazards that you feel warrant attention, please notify the county transportation department either by phone at 520-724-6410 or on the county website at https://webcms.pima.gov/government/transportation/report_a_problem/ . We have found that the more people who report the problem, the more quickly the county deals with it.