The Special Projects committee organizes several ongoing projects throughout the neighborhood.

Buffelgrass Removal

Save our saguaros! The Foothills Weedwackers meet twice each month to remove buffelgrass from the neighborhood. This invasive grass steals water from native vegetation and poses a severe fire risk. Use the contact from below if you’d like to help.

Visit this page for more information on buffelgrass.

Yard Waste Dumpsters

Yard waste dumpsters are rented in the Spring (March) and Fall (October) to help members dispose of unwanted yard waste.

Mutt-mitts Dog Waste Bags

Paid for by membership dues, several dog waste bag dispensers are located in strategic places throughout the neighborhood. These help dog owners clean up after their pets and reduce the amount of animal waste on our streets.


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  • Marge Humphreys - Committee Chair


Let us know if you would like to help us fight buffelgrass, host a yard waste dumpster, host a dog waste bag dispenser, or have any other questions.

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